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Important checklist from the Developer
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boutique amenities
expertly curated for
an optimum experience

Distinguished by an enviable suite of premium amenities, thoughtfully selected to offer guests the optimum experience during their stay, visitors have the opportunity to disconnect from the chaos of the city bustle, while the opportunity for reconnecting remains at their fingertips. With a bent toward promoting health and wellbeing, onsite recreational facilities include a yoga studio, a bocce field, gym and indoor heated swimming pool.

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Swimming Pool:
Make a splash

The pool is the perfect place to swim a few laps after a busy day in meetings, to wake up before a big day in the CBD, or to spend the afternoon lounging after a morning of shopping at Chadstone.

Yoga: Relaxed
Bodies and Minds

Everyone’s on the lookout for yoga studios lately and, when you consider the benefits of bending, stretching and finding inner calm at the same time, who can you blame them? Yoga is an incredible form of exercise. It helps to detoxify the body, relaxes the mind, improves concentration, and offers a great cardio workout.

Bocce: A great
way to socialise

Incredibly popular at the moment, Bocce is a great avenue for socialising and making new acquaintances. The perfect way for guests to unwind and build new connections, the game, closely related to British bowls and French pétanque, is played throughout the world and makes a unique addition for the Oros lifestyle offerings.

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Rooftop Garden: Nurturing
health and connections

Another fantastic way Oros promotes guest connections and fosters wellbeing, the inclusion of a verdant rooftop garden offers visitors the opportunity to bask in the serene, fresh air while finding calm in the soothing vistas of the gardens.

Cinema Space: Switch
off with a film

For those guests who crave the desire to switch off from reality and lose themselves for a few hours in someone else’s imagination, Oros offers a cinema space to indulge in a range of film offerings.